​​​Chiropractic Adjustments, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture & More    ​​

We are always looking for licensed practitioners to come into our space and GROW their own practice. 

​Be Your Own Boss!!!!!

You will set your own schedule, your own pace, your own pricing, and can provide your own supplies that will make you unique to your clients.  ​ You will be responsible for your own business.

So you want to be an Ambassador for ‘a hip joint’.
What does that mean?
We are looking for athletes, influencers, unique people to help us grow our retail and brand. 
We ask that you atleast 5,000 followers on either FB, Instagram or TikTok.

Frequently Wondered about Questions

What is required from me?

1 Picture of Each Item In A Lifestyle Photo (approximately 5 to 10 items)
1 Unboxing Video Of Your Items
1 Product Review Video or Showcase Real Video
3 Instagram Boomerangs

Send Images to info@ahipjoint.com Once they are approved, we will have you post a picture each week of one item to all your social media accounts and tag ‘a hip joint’ south or downtown.  

Image Requirements:

Each image must be clear and good quality
The design of the product must be readable and used as the main focus of the image

Video Requirements:

Videos can be shot on a phone with a high-quality camera such as the latest iPhone/Android models.  Not to be over 30 seconds.

By being an ambassador, you will give us permission to use your images because we will also use those creatives as ads. 


NOW Adding

Licensed Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, and Acupuncturists

Future Hippies​