​We pride ourselves in treating you better than you have ever been treated in a doctor's office.  

​We have developed a new style in how to approach alternative medicine.

Most of you are like us, either

self-employed or your insurance doesn't cover our care.  We are offering our clinic as a solution to bridge the gap for those who seek therapies that are corrective and are against taking more and more medicine.   

​From the moment you walk in, you will see how our clinics focus on trying to keep you relaxed from our full body massage chairs, food and beverages that are complimentary, and the ART on the walls that feature local artists.

​We offer later, more convenient hours, and weekend hours!!!!!

​Our doctors will give you suggestions to help further your improvements at home. 

​Our clinics are environmentally friendly.  You will see no paper trail with us.

​Afterall, it is YOU, our patients that make us successful. 


​​Hippiness is a CHOICE

​​​Chiropractic Adjustments, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture & More    ​​