If you haven't had the opportunity to meet Alina then you're missing out! She is our Chiropractic Assistant at the Downtown clinic and performs cupping treatments as well as gua sha/ scraping therapy. She is an amazing artist, a kind soul, and extremely intelligient. She makes us laugh constantly and is always baffling us with her many  jaw-dropping talents.

​​ How did you get your start journey into becoming a chiropractic assistant?
My parents were brought up in Central Asia where herbal medicine, massage, cupping therapy, stretching, and meditation are commonly practiced. They naturally had a holistic approach to parenting - we had a fruit orchard and a milking goat, and our babysitter was an acupuncturist/LMT (Anna!) who is still a close family friend. The belief that proper balance of body, emotions, mind, and spirit is essential to our health partially drew me to work at a hip joint, an environment where the mission is to help, love, and heal! I applied to work the front desk at a hip joint as I was finishing up college, and then transitioned to becoming a chiropractic assistant after training with Dr. Tania and Dr. Eric to provide cupping and gua sha treatments. 
Describe your treatments, and goals for clients receiving your treatment.
Both cupping and gua sha help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and help the muscles gain oxygen in order to reduce pain and increase performance. For the cupping procedure, specialized cups are placed on the skin. Then, an air pump is used to create suction between the cup and the skin, pulling the skin slightly up and away from the underlying muscles. This creates a negative pressure, the opposite of what is found in a typical massage. The suction typically lasts for minutes, and leaves a bruise that will last for several days, as stagnant blood is pulled from the capillaries allowing newer blood to rush in. As a result, the muscles should feel much better after treatment. My goal is to help each person to feel cared for during their time with me, and ultimately relieved of their pain and discomfort, whether its physical, emotional, or both!

 What’s your favorite part about a hip joint?

My favorite part about the hip joint is all of the wonderful people I get to work with. Every person here is so unique and laid-back. I feel like I am surrounded by family every day I come to work. 

 Describe your perfect day.
I wake up and saunter directly onto the beach and lay back down in the sunshine next to the ocean. I read little, I swim a little. What? Is that a coconut floating in the water beside me? I swim back to shore with it. I peel the husk and smash it against a rock. It’s sweet and not rotten at all - and the perfect breakfast! The day would go on in a similar lazy fashion with a lot of swimming, maybe ending with a bonfire and some pals for a little dance party. Any perfect day for me would be without a schedule and in close proximity to nature. 
What are your favorite types of movies, music, artists, authors, tv shows- -etc.
My favorite movie is Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. It inspired me to visit New Zealand (Hobbiton!) a few years ago. And I like most movies by A24 (an indie entertainment company). My favorite TV show is Bojack Horseman for too many reasons. As far as books go, I enjoy reading classic fiction -anything by Salinger (Franny & Zooey, Nine Stories, ) and Hemmingway (The Sun Always Rises) is great - I for some reason like to read stories about boozed up, intelligent, and wealthy youths in the 1920s. My favorite fine artist is probably Egon Schiele, he was a nut!

 Do you have a hidden talent?
 I’m a cartoonist! A few of my graphic narratives have been published in literary journals just this year (The Florida Review, Driftwood Press) and I am actively working on two full-sized illustrated novels. I also do a bit of sewing and leather working....and I occasionally make furniture and wheel thrown pottery. I love to create beautiful and purposeful things with my hands, not much compares to that satisfaction.

 Who or what are some of your inspirations?
 The laid-back nature of island life, Charlie’s Angels (the 1970s TV show, not the movies), children, elderly people, turn of the twentieth century French cartoonists (Alexandre Théophile Steinlen etc.), and Georgia O’keeffe’ s desert art studio. 

What is your favorite event or attraction in Springfield?
 The Farmer’s Market (at Farmer’s Park) on Saturday mornings is a good thing happening in Springfield. It’s a way to connect with the community while shopping for homegrown veggies. Millsap Farm’s pizza Thursdays are really fun to go to as well with family or friends. One event I really miss though, is the annual Halloween costume dance party at Mother’s Brewery (bring it back!).

 If you could be any animal what would you be?
 A cockatoo! Or a mountain goat. 

What is something you would like to do or try or learn that you don’t currently know how to do. 
 I would like to learn how to fly an airplane! And also how to navigate the ocean, especially if sailing through a storm. 

If you could live in any other time or place where or when would that be?
I’d love to live on any of the Hawaiian islands, during a time when Hawaii wasn’t overpopulated. They have the warmest and kindest ocean. 
What makes you laugh?
 Funny animal videos on YouTube. Those make me laugh for hours, but sometimes cry too if they get too cute

Alina 🐤

Above is an original cartoon by Alina ,"Lady", and below are a few of many beautiful photographs Alina has captured in her days.

Each month we want to take some time to say thank you to all the wonderful people who are apart of our hippie family, have a little fun, and let you get to know our team members!

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